Agent of the Week: Kelly Perkins


Elevating Laguna Beach Real Estate: A Conversation with Kelly Perkins

A Deep Dive into Transformative Real Estate Strategies

Kelly Perkins

Q: What motivated you to choose pre-sale renovation for your recent listing instead of selling it as is?
A: The motivation was clear. My role is always to maximize my clients’ profits. Selling “as is” would have resulted in a lower sale price. Working with REVIVE, a concierge service, allowed me to enhance the home’s appeal and profitability.

Q: What was your involvement in the renovation process?
I played a comprehensive role, working in collaboration with the seller, designers, and contractors to ensure that the new design honored the home’s historic character, which was crucial to the seller.

Q: Can you describe the challenges the home presented before the renovations and the updates it required?
A: The home had been largely unchanged for 30 years, magnified by the elements – ocean and intense sun exposure. It’s only when you start the actual work, like “looking under the hood,” that you discover the extent of the necessary updates. We managed to make the essential repairs and updates, staying close within our budget constraints.

Q: How did your renovation strategy enhance the home’s attractiveness to potential buyers?
A: In Laguna Beach, homes that are in good condition and aesthetically appealing tend to attract a larger pool of buyers, which can lead to a faster sale since buyers prefer homes that don’t require immediate work.

Q: What aspect of this renovation process and your experience stands out as the most rewarding?
The most rewarding part is always the SUCCESS—attracting the right buyer and achieving a profitable sale for the seller.

Q: How does your approach to selling properties in Laguna Beach stand out?
I am hands-on and tackle many roles because I genuinely care. My dedication to my clients’ best interests is driven by this deep sense of care. I pour my heart into my work, which I love deeply, ensuring that each property is not just sold, but matched with the right buyer to make a house a home.

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