Agent of the Week: Trevor Stanaland


Meet the Native Real Estate Pro

Trevor Stanaland is Making Waves

A true Orange County native and a rising leader in real estate, Trevor Stanaland shows immense talent and unwavering commitment in everything he does. Whether it be traveling the world surfing, diving, fishing, skydiving, or working closely with local real estate clients, Trevor has seen first-hand how combining passion with hard work can yield incredible results.

Born and raised in Laguna Beach, Trevor spent his high school years working as a surf instructor before he went on to get his real estate license at age 19. Dedicating himself to public service to better his community, Trevor put himself through the police academy where he graduated third in his class and earned the Lifetime Fitness award. During his years working as a Santa Ana Police Officer, Trevor joined the SWAT team and went onto the LA County Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Bureau SWAT school where he earned the Top Shot award and was a leader in his class.

Now, as the fifth generation of real estate professionals in his family, Trevor shapes his career in real estate as he works with his father, John Stanaland. As part of the Stanaland team, he has already worked on numerous transactions breaking local records. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, the team sold over $200,000,000 on and off the market, with Trevor selling over $68,000,000.

Trevor has a deep knowledge of the local communities and lifestyle that make this area one of the most luxurious and desirable in the world. With a focus on hard work, integrity, and reliability, Trevor leverages his first-hand experiences and local knowledge, tireless work ethic, and unparalleled team resources to deliver the very best professional service experience to each of his clients.

Trevor Stanaland can be reached at 949-637-9276 or