Peeking Behind a Front Door’s Eye Appeal

By StatePoint Media

shutterstock_149978831Your home’s entryway is the first thing that greets visitors and it’s where your home truly begins. And yet many homeowners don’t put much thought into their door selection, making quick decisions based solely on appearance.

There’s a lot more to a door than meets the eye. Experts say that your pocketbook, comfort and safety can all be at risk with the wrong door.

“It’s more than the face of the door. It’s the hinges, the weatherstrip, the bottom sweep and sill,” says Mark Clement, a professional contractor and host of the MyFixItUpLife home improvement radio show. “By taking all these components into account as a unit, you’ll see a big difference in performance.”

For optimum energy efficiency and functionality, Clement recommends making sure that the door system you purchase was created from just one manufacturer that engineers every part of the door to work together. When shopping, here are some of the things to consider.

• Energy Efficiency: In any region or climate, energy efficiency is key. When all the parts of your door are engineered to work together, the components form a tight seal around the entire door to resist leaks and drafts that can lead to reduced energy efficiency.

An Energy Star qualified and National Fenestration Rating Council certified door can further help you save money on energy costs. For his home, Clement decided on a Therma-Tru door meeting all these qualifications that helps reduce his monthly energy bills.

• Durability: A door that lets in air and water can lead to costly damage and deterioration. Look for a door system that works together at critical points to weather storms and daily wear and tear. The door should be equipped with well-fitting weatherstripping to keep air and water from getting in between the door and its frame, and a multi-point locking system that helps keep the door aligned.

Front Door

• Quality: Many consumers may not know that often doors are made with parts from a variety of manufacturers. The best way to assure you get a high performance door is to select a door where the parts come from one manufacturer. Components are designed and engineered to work together and include the sill, the door bottom, weather stripping, hinges and a multipoint locking system.  And there’s an added logistical benefit — when everything is under a single lifetime warranty, maintenance and upkeep are simple.

• Curb appeal: An attractive and highly-functional front entrance can add to your home’s curb appeal and help boost its market value. At a time when homeowners are looking to get the most out of every dollar they invest in their home, installing an attractive new front entry is a cost-effective investment that can have a big impact.

Don’t ignore the importance of your home’s entryway. After all, it’s the first impression your home makes on visitors — so take steps to make it impressive!