Enhance your Outdoor Living Space with Hammocks


By Jill Fales

Nothing epitomizes relaxation more than a hammock. A lazy afternoon spent cradled and swaying slightly in a gentle breeze. With our penchant for outdoor living along the Orange County coastline, hammocks are making a huge resurgence – and this time around, they come in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics and sizes.

According to Donna Faust, Director of Brand Marketing for Hayneedle (the mother company of Hammocks.com), “Today’s hammocks have making the most of what hammocks are known for – relaxation and comfort and are now adding style, durability and convenience. New hammock designs are self-supporting (no tree needed), include their own shades and are made of light breathable fabrics for comfort.”

Hammocks range anywhere in price from $100 to more than $1,000.

Hayneedle is currently offering free shipping on all hammocks. In addition to the traditional rope hammocks, check out the “modern hammocks” section. Some of the modern designs include The Island Bay Wave Rocker Hammock made of an outdoor-rated polyester fabric with matching pillows for $399.99. Or, if you are limited on space, try a hammock chair. The colorful Brazilian Hammock Chair retails for $79.99, or the egg-shaped Resin Wicker Hanging Chair sells for $999.99, offering a fun and comfortable place for adults or children to sit.

Living along the coast, it’s important to choose a hammock that is durable and can withstand the constant sea air. Cotton hammocks easily mildew and rot if left out for long periods of time. A better choice are the polyester hammocks such as the Poolside Hammock made from durable, mildew-resistant, fast-drying materials that are more suited to moisture.

To add a splash of color and warmth to your yard, the Mayan Hammocks, which are known for their bright colors and patterns, literally mold to your body. They are hand woven with thin string and cost only $59.99

If you have children and want to purchase a hammock that is best suited for their rough and tumble nature, fabric hammocks made with closed fabric are best, as they eliminate the dangers of small hands and feet getting caught between the spaces of a rope hammock.

When purchasing your hammock, don’t forget to include some fun accessories. Try a hammock shade that reaches over you like a giant sail (available from Hayneedle for $69.99). L.L. Bean carries a Hammock Caddy ($29.99) or Hammock Table ($69) – both the caddy which has multiple pockets and hangs off the side of a hammock, or the table which sits at hammock level, enhance the experience by providing a place to put a drink, magazine or your favorite novel.

Whether you’re looking to cozy up with someone, provide alternative seating, save space, or create a relaxing haven and add a colorful splash to your yard, a hammock is just the thing to enhance your outdoor living space.