One on One with Lynde Galloway: Designer Finds Inspiration at the Mall



By Gina Dostler

With her start in designing weddings and events, Lindye Galloway moved her skills to transforming spaces in homes for her clients. A black and white bathroom that marries a variety of elements reveals her talent for updating a space using a classic look.

GALLOWAY Sink and shower


Q:  Why do you think the black and white palette makes for a refreshing change?

A: It’s clean, it’s crisp and it’s timeless. The best part about this palette is the uniqueness of the tile contrasted with the matte black fixtures, adding a sense of character to the space without feeling overwhelming. I love the look of this space; it is clean and simple.


Q:  What is the secret to pulling off black and white spaces in the home without it looking outdated?

A: The key to is to mix a variety of different materials and elements to keep the room exciting. For a bathroom, I really wanted a pop of excitement. Cement tile is an up and coming trend. I utilized a black and white floor with wall tile that had modern finishes. It was the perfect complement to complete the space and kept it from looking outdated. For me, the mixing of different materials always brings new life together in any space.
Q:  In this design, why did you pull the pattern to the floor instead of on an accent wall?

A: I felt that adding the pattern on the floor automatically creates a unique look to the space even though it’s not the typical place for it. It instantly draws your eye to the floor and the back wall and then around the room to the various accent pieces in sleek matte black finishes as well as the brass accents.


GALLOWAY Sink gold lights

Q:  What other ways are there to create a modern look with comfort and practicality?

A: Adding in warm brass accents are the best way to do this. The warm aesthetic of the brass, combined with the coolness of the matte black finishes create a look that is not only modern, but is also one that will never go out of style.


Q:  Do you encourage your clients to participate in the design process?

A: Absolutely! In fact, I find that a lot of my inspiration actually comes from my client’s individual style and the things they’re drawn to. Involving them in the design process is absolutely essential because at the end of the day, their input is what’s going to make the space unique and therefore the most interesting.

Q:  Where does your inspiration come from?

A: When I am designing a space, I know I can always find inspiration through my travels, fashion and even in city architecture. There is just so much around that escapes notice. So I make sure to always keep my eyes open for new things, things I hadn’t noticed before. The Louis Vuitton store at Fashion Island, for example, served as a huge source of inspiration for me for the black and white bathroom. It definitely inspired me to share it with my clients to show the type of aesthetic I was envisioning for them.


 Lindye Galloway

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