Project Pet House Final Bidding Sunday

Leslie LeBon

Seven architects and contractors were hand-picked to design and build pet houses. Their goal: to auction them off at the Laguna Beach Pet Parade this Sunday, Sept. 11, to benefit animal charities in Laguna Beach. It’s called Project Pet House.

Three cheers for these animal lovers!

Now, these are not your average dog or cat dwellings, nor are they your every day architects. What we have here is a definite success story of well known Laguna Beach men and women who build fabulous homes, donating their time and effort each to create a house for pets, specifically cats and dogs.

Donna Ballard.

The project was created by Caroline Haines along with the Laguna Board of Realtors® & Affiliates. The seven pet house are up for auction online at The online auction will end today at 5 p.m. Then on Sunday, at the Laguna Beach Pet Parade, the auction will be concluded with live bidding.


Anders Lasater.
Morris Skenderian.


Marshall and Matthew Innins
Kirk Saunders.
Daniel Martinez.