Scott Cross Back in Front of Cameras

Scott Cross of SC Homes takes a measurement as judge of HGTV’s “Professional Grade” do-it-yourself series.

After completing a project for “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” as the youngest builder in the history of the show, Scott Cross of SC Homes Inc. is back in front of the cameras, filming for a new show for HGTV called “Professional Grade.”

This new TV series – already one of the highest rated on HGTV – follows everyday homeowners on their journeys as their own renovation contractors. Homeowners lead their projects and complete them on their own. The judge contractor – this is Cross’ role – then grades the project and comes up with a market estimate price. If the homeowners’ project comes in under the judge’s estimate, they win the difference amount provided by HGTV.

According to the producers, the biggest winner so far took home $40,000. Homeowners interested in participating can email

Cross will be the judge contractor on several future episodes of HGTV’s, “Professional Grade,” which started filming the first episode with Cross in September.

Scott Cross evaluates a DIY kitchen remodel for HGTV’s “Professional Grade” series.

For “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” Cross and SC Homes – one of the largest custom homebuilders in the county – built at 4,000-square-foot house in five days. In May, Cross filmed a pilot for HGTV for a reality show about a high-end general contractor.

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