Senior Real Estate Solutions – Team of the Week


Q&A With the Senior Real Estate Solutions Team

The experts of the senior market share their vision


Cheri Romig, Pam Levin and Kendall Clark
DRE# 01337949, DRE# 01510360, DRE# 01994281

Q: Why did you as a team choose to focus on the senior market?
A: Baby boomers are the fastest growing segment of our population right now and we recognized them as an underserved clientele with special needs. There is a hole in the market for seniors and their families and we wanted to help fill it by becoming certified Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES accredited). Buying and selling homes at any stage of life can be difficult and stressful and the three of us felt a calling to serve this community.

Q: What makes your team uniquely qualified to serve the aging population?
A: The three of us fit the demographic, so we understand personally what it means to face the challenges of aging today with our families. We recognize and empathize with the physical, emotional, and financial hurdles faced by this aging population. We all have dealt with transitioning our parents from their long-term family homes into living situations that accommodate their new and changing needs. These experiences have given us a unique inside perspective and an ability to shepherd families through what can be a chaotic and often uncertain life change.

Q: How do you implement your specialty services?
Initially we offer a free consultation with the Senior and their family to review their needs and to discuss downsizing to right-sizing. Sometimes, just sharing our expertise and experiences about others in their peer group gives them a sense of ease and trust in our abilities and sincerity.
We are lucky to have a robust team of senior sensitive partners that provide specialty services throughout the entire process. These include stagers, movers, estate sales professionals and any other real estate affiliated vendors needed that are available when we call to assure a smooth and seamless transaction.
Our goal is to be the calm in the storm during what can be a very frenetic time. We hope this element of our service will give our client and their families a positive experience. We take on the worry, so our clients don’t have to.
Volunteering in this market segment has opened our hearts to honor the needs of our seniors with respect and kindness.
The three of us, Pam, Cheri and Kendall have worked together for 5 years as individuals and have over 40 years of combined real estate experience. Our friendship brought us together but the recognition of need and our in common desire to help seniors in Laguna Beach has made us a team.

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