Tips to Combat Moving Stress


(StatePoint) From finding a new home to selling one’s current home, the moving process can be a big source of stress.

Among the top stressors is packing. In fact, in a recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll, over half of Americans (56 percent) say packing to move is extremely/very stressful. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some tips to reduce packing pain.

Purge before packing: Diminish the workload by first cleaning out items you no longer need.

Pack carefully: Forty percent of those who would find it frustrating to pack when moving worry about items breaking. Eliminate anxiety by wrapping fragile items with cushioning material, like bubble wrap. Dish and glass kits provide pouches and dividers to protect delicate goods. Lastly, secure your boxes with quality packing tape.

Buy boxes: Scrambling to find enough boxes can be nerve wracking. Don’t dig around the grocery store last minute. Instead, purchase boxes in a variety of sizes and levels of durability. Then, color code each box with tape, to know where it goes on moving day.

While moving will always contain some stress, the right moving supplies and strategies can streamline the task of packing.