Tricks to Rein in Higher Utility Bills


Homeowners in warm climates are not necessarily immune to the winter blues.  Even slightly lower temperatures can lead to a higher utility bill if they’re not prepared.

Simple household items, such as bubble wrap and a spray bottle, can be used to seal in warmth.  A candle or incense stick can help homeowners sniff out air leaks.  Even making small changes to the thermostat can help homeowners save big in the end.

Here are some ways to keep your home warm while saving energy this winter:

Let the Sunshine In – Rather than relying on your heater, let the whole house soak up some sun by keeping curtains open, especially on south-facing windows.  Close draperies at night to reduce chill.  Energy-efficient blinds and insulating drapery liner can make a big difference.

Embrace Thermostat Change – Lowering a thermostat while residents are away or asleep can also lower their utility bills.  A programmable thermostat makes it easier to adjust temperatures when residents are out of the house or asleep.

Spin Around – Ceiling fans do more than provide cool comfort in the summer. Reverse the fan to run clockwise during the winter.  As heat rises, this will force warm air down from the ceiling.

Our Leaks Are Sealed – Ducts that leak air into unheated or unconditioned spaces can cause pricey utility bills. Detect air leaks around drafty windows using a candle or incense stick. Caulk can be used, not just around drafty doors or windows, but also around electrical outlets, pipes and wires that are leaking air.

Not in Hot Water – Reducing hot water use can keep homeowners, well, out of hot water.  Turn down the water heater to the warm setting to prevent burning up your bill… and your hands.

Weatherize Your Windows – Sticking bubble wrap on a window using nothing more than a spray bottle of water is a simple way to provide extra insulation. Cheap, do-it-yourself window insulation kits help block drafts and air leaks.