Tuesday 30 May 2017
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Category: Home & Garden

clark Kendall Clark

Television Writer Picks Up a New Credit

Laguna Beach resident Kendall Clark, a writer and producer for Lifetime Television, changed career directions last year as a sales...

quake 1689

Online Tool Evaluates Vulnerability to Quake Damage

A free online tool called QuakeGrade is available help home inspection specialists evaluate a house’s vulnerability to earthquake damage....


From Frumpy to Fabulous, Garden Club Speaker Tells All

Karen Chapman will speak on “Foliage First, the California Edition” at the Laguna Beach Garden Club on Friday, May 12. In addition, the...


Lower-cost Home Renovations Offer Best Value

The Appraisal Institute, the nation’s largest professional association of real estate appraisers, advocates that homeowners pursue...


Ask the Expert: 3 Ways to Sabotage Your Home Sale

Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways to sabotage a sale without even knowing you are doing anything wrong. However it happens all the...

Bonnie Plants_cherry tomatoes on vine_vert - Copy

Select the Best Tomatoes for Your Garden and Table

Sliced, sauced, or cooked in your favorite recipe, tomatoes are a favorite and versatile vegetable. What’s more, they taste best when...


One on One with Spyro Kemble: Real Estate Remains Strong

Spyro Kemble, a 30-year real estate veteran and four-decade resident of the Port Streets in Newport Beach, has seen many changes in the...

Daniel_03 smile

One on One with Daniel Sullivan: Time to go Solar

Now is the time to go solar if Southern California Edison provides your electricity, according to Sullivan Solar owner-president Daniel...


Ask the Expert: Hot Tips To Make Strong Offers

The saying may be “cash is king” but not all buyers that pay all cash get their offers accepted – even if the cash offer is full...


Ask the Expert: Why Won’t My Home Sell?

You’ve cleaned, you’ve decluttered, you’ve gotten psyched up to sell your home and you’re pumped on getting an offer – or better...