Saturday 20 April 2019
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Category: Q & A

One on One with Suzi Dailey: Step Into the Philharmonic House of Design

For 25 years, the mingling of fundraising and beautiful interiors transforms into support for the Philharmonic Society’s music education...

One on One With Mike Mechling: Fixing a Pond or Hauling Trash, Agent Takes Service to Another Level

Mike Mechling successfully built a sales team for a surf wear company that sold apparel worldwide. For the love of family, he switched to...

One on One with Bryan Gerlach: Connecting With People Gratifies Broker Who Switched Paths

As a real estate professional and avid surfer, Bryan Gerlach is making a splash in the residential side of real estate. He recently...

One on One with Ozzie Tapia: Designs that Factor in Sew Energy Conservation from the Outset

Q: Why do you love designing buildings? A: There are many layers to designing buildings and one where I am allowed to shape people’s...