Saturday 20 April 2019
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Category: Q & A

One on One with Marianne Hugo: Preventing Fire Damaged Landscapes

Recent wildfires at Santiago Canyon skirted the Coastkeeper Garden. And unlike many homes in the area, the gardens were spared the...

One on One with Leslie Anvari: Building Among Neighbors Resistant to Change

  Real estate broker Leslie Anvari likes to solve problems and help her clients achieve their dream home. The vice president of TL...

One on One with Jennifer Bonetto: Relying on an Ancient Art to Refine a Home’s Appeal

Jennifer Bonetto, a certified master and instructor of classical feng shui, helps clients improve the flow of energy within their...

One on One with Jim Kline: Port Streets Anchor His Personal and Professional Life

As a native of Southern California and a 33-year resident of Newport’s choice Harbor View neighborhood, Jim Kline finds himself enjoying...