Agent of the Week: Scott Sumner


Teamwork Makes Dream Work

Sumner Realty Group: Every piece of real estate has a story, and every buyer has a dream

For Scott, being a successful agent is not about just achieving top sales, but also about helping those around him in the community. Scott is heavily connected to Laguna Beach, being born and raised here, an El Morro Elementary School and Laguna Beach High School Alumni, Scott has an inside track on all the details related to the needs of his clients. With 40 years of Real Estate experience and being devoted to his hometown, he has all the tools to help his clients succeed. Scott is the Chairman of the Heritage Committee and an active member of the Crystal Cove Conservancy, the San Juan Mission and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Scott greatly underscores and emphasizes the significance of diversity in his work environment and office. By stitching together a well-rounded team of individuals who come from various backgrounds, Scott is able to expand his horizons and accomplish a deeper level of understanding and care for his clients. Exemplified by the experience of his team members, the SRG team speaks a variety of languages from Arabic, Spanish, Swedish and Korean. In addition, the support system he has created is strong and reassuring to those who work with him.
— Koeun Lee, Creative Coordinator

Sumner Realty Group (SRG) creates a truly special experience for individuals in and around our community. During this holiday season we are all thankful to work with such amazing people. Scott continuously shows his generosity to families and the people of Laguna Beach, including the countless charities he’s involved in. “It’s so special to find coworkers and colleagues you can also consider family”.
— Kristy Wallick, Associate (Team Agent)

“SRG goes above and beyond for clients and creates a lasting impression, whether that’s emotionally verbally or visually”
— Stephen Ruiz, Marketing Director

Our team believes in being responsive, proactive, and gets the mission accomplished in a timely manner. With precision and care we can help families and individuals with their dream to sell or buy home.
— Ulrika Marmolin, Director of Marketing


Scott Sumner can be reached at 949.491.2707 or