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    When house hunters are looking for homes online, they tend to use websites or apps that make it easy to identify homes that fit their criteria. Sometimes though, buyers will have questions and want more information or wish to schedule a tour. Common sense would say to hit the contact button, right? Who do you ...
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    The Fourth of July is an exciting time to live in the beach cities! This summer holiday, which celebrates our independence, also gives residents the chance to participate in some longstanding traditions. What says home more than traditions and lasting memories? Here are some of the great festivities that locals can enjoy and count on ...
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    Shiny and new is nice. There’s no doubt that many house hunters are attracted to stylish, sleek, updated homes. But, can you really judge a book by its cover? Is the twinkle that looks so new and bright really done totally right? It pays to dig deeper and scratch beneath the surface to see if ...
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