Laguna Beach (November 8, 2013)


This Week

The median list price in Laguna Beach this week is $2,795,000.

Inventory has been decreasing lately but the Market Action Index falling also. With days-on-market climbing, these are relatively negative implications for the market.

Supply and Demand

In terms of supply and demand, the market is getting cooler – more supply is coming on the market relative to the sales demand. However, in recent weeks prices have been moving higher. Since it is technically a Buyer’s market, this price trend may be a result of improved quality (newer, larger homes) of the homes being listed. Look at the descriptive statistics where you may notice the homes being listed are larger and younger than they have been in the past.


You can see that prices in this zip code are marching upward and that we’re getting close to the market’s all time high. Watch for persistent downward shift in the Market Action Index into the Buyer’s zone as a leading indicator of the price strength subsiding.