One on One With Jennifer Girard Wilson


Decorating for the Holidays –By Gina Dostler

The world seems to spin faster every day and somewhere out there each day something new has been introduced into the world.

Whether it’s a new technology, vaccines or designs, we live in a constant flux of changes everywhere. With the fall season a month into itself and the holiday season gaining ground, adding or subtracting from the interior of the home to complement or make space for the holiday festivities might be a good idea at this time.

Jennifer Girard Wilson loves interior designing and knows how accessorizing can complete a room or that a few simple changes in colors and textures can accomplish a whole new look and impress the in-laws during their holiday visit.

She dished out some coming attractions in the design world where glamour, beachy and contemporary all have their place in the home.

Q:  What brought you into interior designing?

A:  Interior designing allows me love for color, design and ideas to make a home beautiful. Previously I used to work in the fashion industry where there are many similarities and made it an easy transition to designing the interior of a home. I equate accessories as jewelry for a home by being able to play up a room with a colorful pillow or changing a look through a different wall color or stylish lamp. For instance if a client has an amazing bookcase and an ocean front home, accessorizing with seashells by placing in a clear jar with some sand can bring a nice subtle feel of the beach inside the home. Or use creams and light colors such as blue throws or pillows to compliment the furniture.

Q:  What is happening in home interiors?

A:  Right now the wall color grey surrounded with a neutral palette is making its way into homes. Using metallic leather is really a fun look at the moment and can be used in a throw or even on an entire chair. We just finished a client’s home and redid his ottoman in the metallic leather which added a little glitz to the room. Also the glamour look is big with glossy cabinets and tables and especially beautiful chandeliers. We also have a several clients that prefer a more presidential style look to the home.

Q:  Presidential?

A:  A contemporary look with an American theme that brings in lots of blues and whites with intricate woodwork, maybe in redwood, and dark colored flooring for a more conservative feel. Red drapery placed in another room can pull in the theme throughout the home. We’ve even placed a replica of the presidential desk in a client’s office that gave it a very official look. Our client list provides us with a broad spectrum of designs and we tailor to each and every client’s needs. From contemporary to modern, really it’s all about what they are looking to create and we make it a reality. A replica of a desk is just another tool to create the right look and make it come to life.

Q:  What are some ideas that have come across your designs for a home?

A:  In Corona del Mar the owners are currently doing a contemporary media room that has velvet and silk for the drapery with a darker color scheme. We used an darker velvet for a custom sectional then installed a custom bar to use for entertaining during the holidays and Superbowl parties. Because the room was quite large and done with all flooring we placed a few rugs to bring in some more texture.

Q:  What’s happening in flooring in general?

A:  Larger planks are the latest for flooring. Thin narrow are being replaced with much wider planks and we are getting requests for darker and richer colors. Also on the other end, you’ll find wood flooring such as French Oak done in a more grayish lighter tone, but still in wider planks. Floors are easier to cleanup spills that happen at any gathering and add beauty and style to any room.

Q:  Are kitchens going back to a more contemporary look?

A:  Contemporary really never goes out of style and can easily be accomplished with a few changes. On one job we replaced the countertops with stainless steel which wears very well over time and then added an amazing chandelier and a textured wall covered in grey. Those simple things transformed the space and made it marvelous. Another of our clients wanted a more spacious feel to the kitchen so we added cushion seats in the nook and added new drapery in white linen. White of course adds lots of light and brightness to a room and creates a feeling of openness.

Q:  What about lighting? 

A:  Beautiful lighting transforms any space of course and is very important. It literally makes or breaks up the space. Chandeliers are very popular right now. For one of our clients we brought in a large chandelier for their entry. It had little crystals all around with a beautiful ivory shade surrounding it that collected and reflected the light downward. The sparkles from the crystal danced through the shade and it looked spectacular when someone walked into the house. It definitely set the tone of the house, a statement piece with a wow factor. Then there’s natural lighting which can be accented again with whites and blues to capture a very soft, airy and bright feel to the room.


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