One on One With Michael Gonzalez


Just Say ‘Cheese’

By Gina Dostler


Box of Cheese brings an added dimension to backyard summer parties by capturing the smiles and fun enjoyed by everyone. Partner Michael Gonzalez described how a home or beach party can be elevated to a new level by a box and simply saying, “cheese.”

Q: How did Box of Cheese even begin?

A: Box of Cheese is founded by a collection of photographers based in the Southern California area. After shooting years of events such as weddings, corporate parties, and holiday celebrations, we wanted to offer our friends a less traditional experience to record their special occasions. We took the standard photo booth and made it better.

Q: Better how?

A: Well, for one we use model quality lighting with a ring flash that helps pictures turn out much better than a regular flash booth. You get flat even lighting which makes everyone’s complexion better, eliminates shadows and lines and keeps the photos from getting overexposed. We get many comments on how good the pictures turn out. Then we add props, a social media wall, logos, provide red carpet handling and completely customize packages. Everything prints instantly on the spot in 10 seconds, the pictures are fade proof and water proof so if a guest spills a drink on one, no problem.

Q: Having a good time is the object of every party. How does Box of Cheese round up more fun?

A: Everyone loves to have their picture taken. We not only provide just that, but include themed props and backgrounds that spice up the pictures. From simple hats, and glasses, to elaborate backdrop designs for whatever theme you have going at your event. For a nice backyard soiree, we can have boas and top hats or maybe a summer beach theme with surfboards. It’s a great ice breaker. Guests see other guests smiling and having fun and go to check it out. They start to put on props and costumes and soon the party is underway. They come away with a photo, a smile and fond remembrance of your party.

Q: What was the most unusual party Box of Cheese attended?

A: We’ve done a lot of parties and all were pretty special. For the most unusual, there is a backyard party every year in Huntington Beach and one time it was all about bacon. We had pig noses, pig ears and all kinds of pig paraphernalia for props. We even had the pictures print on a background of bacon strips. It was a hit for sure, a clever little party where everyone had a blast.

Q: So you can outfit props to any theme?

A: Absolutely. Every party is different. We consider the age group. One theme was a MTV party and we made little music video trophies. We want to stand out and it is important to us to make each experience unique. We work with party planners to create a great occasion. Even if it’s a gathering of just the family with grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles and all the cousins over to the home, the Box of Cheese is a fun approach to capture that snapshot of time in a unique way. We love doing corporate events as well, where every employee needs a break to have some fun.

Q: How much is a Box of Cheese?

A: It starts with our standard box at $395 for two hours of photo taking, props, real-time online access to photos, friendly on-site attendant, 4 x 6 photo prints or (2) 2 x 6 photo strips, basic photo layout with personalized text and a private online gallery for everyone to check out. Then we have the signature, premium and platinum boxes that include even more. And of course we can customize a box to fit your needs. You name the gig and we bring it to life, with our box.


Michael Gonzalez, co-founder

Box of Cheese
562-888-BOX8 (2698)