One-on-One with Paula DeMars


The Color Coach

By Gina Dostler

Paula DeMars is The Color Coach® residing in Newport Beach. I met with her to get her input on what exactly is The Color Coach® and was happy to find a very warm and friendly person with a passion for colors. Immediately she pulled me into swirls of enthusiasm as she described her world of colors, the way the morning light brings out the pinks and reds, and how the evening light plays on the gold and yellows. Her love for bringing beauty into homes is definitely the key to her success along with her 10 years of experience that no doubt explains her 60-70% repeat and referral customer rate. Paula is in constant demand.


Q:  Describe the path that led you to be a Color Coach.
A:   My career in the fashion and make-up industry gave me the initial background of working with style and color. I realized I had an eye for such things and became certified with the Renae Knapp School of Color learning all about the subtleties involved with the color spectrum as well as the affect colors have in the home. I came up with The Color Coach® concept in 2002 after painting my own home and going through all the steps and tackling the immensity of the project. Choosing the right colors can be overwhelming and I wanted to help people make it a fun and enjoyable experience. My expertise allows the customer to avoid all the mistakes in painting that leads to an exclamation of “yikes, what have I done!”

Q:  What is The Color Coach®?
A:   The Color Coach® chooses paint colors for interiors and exteriors to enhance the look of the property inside or out. I take the guess work out of which color(s) will suit the personality of the home. I make your home improvement project a positive and fun experience through my extensive years in this field and for my love of color and beauty. There are nine licensed coaches across the country in major metropolitan areas that I have personally trained and certified to start up their own businesses.

Q: What are the advantages of hiring a color coach?
A:  Hiring a color coach saves you time and money. Everything you need to get the job completed is brought to you. No trips to numerous paint stores, bags of little chips or messy paint samplings are needed. You also don’t have to work at testing the paint on various walls to see the look, which by the way, doesn’t work anyway. My job as The Color Coach® is to see what you don’t see and guide you with results that leave you excited, proud, and comfortable in your surroundings. I see that point of color in your granite, fabrics or in your favorite artwork and capture it with a new color scheme that flows with the balance of the room. I see the play of light in different areas that will affect your paint color.

Q:  What are the steps involved, i.e., from consultation to project completion?
A:  Most of my jobs start out with a 10-15 minute phone call that explains my services and to find out exactly what you need. I then set up an appointment to meet with you that will typically take about 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the property. I always make these appointments midday for color accuracy. At these appointments I will listen to your thoughts and interpret your desired results also access the surroundings. Then on to brand of paint, color placement i.e. where to stop and start the transitioning of color, and finally determining which sheen best suites your look and you needs. Then the fun begins and we start creating your dream. Everything is done in a timely manner, thorough and complete so you are ready to go.

Q:  What are the current trends? 

A:  First let me state I don’t pigeon hole myself into trends. My style is to customize the property, but not have it overdone. Balance is the key. I look for flow and how it feels and fits with your style. Right now in the industry cooler colors in light to medium shades of gray and taupe are very popular as are variations of white. However I do believe this is a short term trend as most of us in Southern California enjoy the warmth of other neutral colors with splashes of brighter colors. I always like to suggest changing out pillows, accessories for your furniture and possibly bed linens to incorporate the color trends.

Q:  Is there a rule of thumb for choosing colors for a specific type of architecture?
A:   Absolutely. Your home might be traditional, eclectic, transitional, contemporary, a beach cottage, or Spanish/Mediterranean to name a few. I choose colors which fit the authenticity of the architecture. Most importantly, I strive to complete the customer’s vision taking into consideration; how much light is available in the home. I also consider hard surfaces, fabrics, window treatments and artwork. In some cases clients are remodeling or starting from scratch. That is OK too.

Q:  What mistakes are avoided by utilizing a color coach?
A:   The wrong undertone and intensity of color is avoided. What looks good on a small swatch changes when it is spread over the wall. Also, getting the wrong sheen of paint happens often. Each paint company has their own name for sheen, i.e., eggshell is very different from one company to another. I cut through all that confusion, aggravation and specify everything for you including what to do with ceilings, baseboards and moldings for interiors and all architectural details of the exteriors.
Q: Anything else to add?
A:  There are many different applications of paint and texture, i.e., glazing, venetian plaster, metallic, and wood graining that can add very special effects.

Utilizing The Color Coach® will provide insights, knowledge and decisions to make a challenging job effortless.


Paula DeMars, The Color Coach®


Phone:  949.854.8838