One on One With Jenette Di Fazio


Wielding the Power of Color

By Gina Dostler

jenette 004-Ohana-PhotographersLife blooms in a full flush of colors and there is no better place to create it than in the home. From bold exterior paints to the delightful interiors of a home, bright colors are making their way into living rooms, kitchens and baths. Jenette Di Fazio brightens her designs with rich colors to keep the home alive, happy and enjoyable. With a joie de vivre that expands into her designs, she cheerfully suggests a few things when choosing to go bold and bright.

Q: Why use bright colors in the home?

A: Because it brings life to a room! Colors pop. They are the diamonds against a black sexy dress. Look at Mother Nature. She is abundant in bold colors splashed everywhere in her living kingdom. Color simply delights the senses. Everybody responds to color. Color is a physiological and psychological response to wavelengths of light entering the eye and it is one of the best ways to liven a home. It’s a powerful tool to inspire emotions, create space illusions or set the atmosphere for any particular room.

Q: Best bright colors to use?

A: Look at your closet and see if you have more fiery warm colors like reds and oranges or do you have cooler colors like greens and blues. Try bold reds and yellows in the kitchen. Red stimulates the appetite and yellow lifts the spirit. Bright greens are painted on walls or anywhere to create a cool calming effect. Blue inspires concentration since it affects us mentally therefore great to use in a study or home office. Here’s something to think about. Use colors from your past. Using familiar colors from childhood in your favorite room brings up fond memories and creates a pleasant mood.

Q: Best places to bring in the color?

A: Removable fabrics and accessories like curtains, pillows, or books make the best place for adding colors that can be changed up anytime. Painting walls is another place. Try a nice bolstering hue of yellow in the entryway whether in painted walls, artwork or console. Oh and I love it when I’m walking up to a house and there, big and bold is a front door painted a deep red or lively orange. It speaks out and says, “Here I am. Come on in!” So get bold with color and paint your front door a bright yellow or maybe a spring green to invite optimism into the home.

Q: What should be the first step in bringing bright bold colors into the home?

A: Basically sticking with one look is the key. There are many different tones to a color. Some are soft as pastels, others rich and dark with jewel tones. Others are bright primary colors. Pick out one look for the entire house. The idea of using color well is to have it flow through the house without any discord, not be a patchwork of opposite looks.


Q: Can bright colors be used for small spaces?

A: Bright colors are perfect for small spaces! To make a space seem larger the first step is to use very bold clear colors. Choose sharper colors instead of duller ones such as hot reds with vibrant blues, yellows and greens. Leave plenty of air space in-between the bold colors since negative space enhances clarity and openness.

Q: What is the art to painting a colorful room?

A: Look to nature and see how her colors flow. Find color inspiration outside the home and work it into your interior. The greens and blues of an abalone shell or the red flowering petals of a rose can be a source to consider. Color combinations that appear in nature are more readily accepted by people and flow naturally. Also understanding the value each color has on us. For instance, red is physical, orange is passionate. Or pink divines love and black sophistication. Knowing the effects of color lends artistic value and brings the perfect color for you to brighten up your home.



Jenette Di Fazio, Color Specialist

Interior Designer